Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Moments That Define Us.

I have been given the privilege to pre-read a book that will be released on August 4th, 2009 entitled “Be The Hero”. It is an amazing book that offers on insight into how one can deal with the challenges we each face during our time on this earth.

It inspired me to post a question on Facebook that read, “When you look back on your life.... what is the moment you realized you learned something that would change your life forever?”

I was humbled and inspired by those that replied. I must say I wasn’t surpised by who responded. I know these people and I know they have had some difficult challenges in their life time. Picking one moment had to be difficult as we all have moments. But often it is that ONE moment that clarifies the rest of our life. It is that one moment where we choose how we will respond. The people who responded picked THAT moment. Whether they know it or not that was THE moment they chose to be The Hero.

Suzi said it was passing her nursing boards, Fresa was doing CPR on her father and couldn’t revive him and Veronica lost her five year old daughter and realized how important NOW is.

For me it was when I was trying to convice my four year old son Michael it was important to go to church. We were bantering back and forth about all the reasons it was important to go and he wasn’t buying any of them. I pulled out the “Mommy” response and in frustration and said “Because it’s important! That’s Why!” He put his little hand on his hip, looked me straight in the eyes and said “It wasn’t important last week!” At that moment I realized how true the old saying goes “children learn by example.”

These defining moments make us who we are. It is at these times we have choices to make about who we want to be and how we want to move forward with our life. These moments make us stronger and more present for those around us.

It is natrual that we want to share these lessons with people and often the best way is by example. Sometimes however, people don’t learn, or they need some help learning. Other times we forget the lesson and it is nice to be reminded of what we know and how to apply it.

This is why I am so excited about Noah Blumenthals new book “Be The Hero”. It is a quick, easy to read book filled with resourses to help you deal with whatever life throws your direction. It also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is having challenges now that they are having difficulty dealing with. Sometimes people need a shoulder to cry on, but other times they need tools that will help them get through a difficult period in their life (or just be reminded of what they already know). This book is the perfect tool to do just that! Additionally Noah is using his book to help Miami Childrens Hospital. You can help yourself, Miami Childrens Hosptial and Noah on August 4th simply by going to and purchasing his book that day! It is that easy! Just stop by on August 4th and purchase “Be The Hero” by Noah Blumental.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you living?

The worst of all tragedies is not to die young, but to live until seventy-five and yet not ever truly to have lived.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Are you living? If you closed your eyes this evening and didn't open them again tomorrow would you say...

There was so much I still wanted to do, and say.


Wow! What a ride!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Time To Reflect

Four months ago I stepped back from blogging. While I enjoyed blogging immensely it had started to become a chore. Stepping back allowed time for rest and renewal and I am now excited to be blogging again.

For those of you new to my blog I would like to welcome you and introduce myself. My name is Rosemary Gandolfo, I am a Certified Life Coach. My blog is designed to offer you inspiration, as it's title suggests, as well as insights into coaching and how it works.

This time of year is very special to me. Winter is ending and spring is just over the horizon. This is a perfect time of year to be still and reflect. To institute a new discipline or create a new habit. Many people choose to do this around January 1st. Perhaps you were one of those people. I know I was. One of my resolutions was to begin handing out the "Because Nice Matters" award.

I am happy to say that last week I bestowed my first award, with quite a few more to come! If you would like to know more about this award please visit

How about you? How are those resolutions going? Perhaps this is a time that you would like to revisit them and re-evaluate what you decided to do back in January. Join with me, and make this year, THE YEAR fullfill your resolutions!