Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturdays will be Something about me and the week we shared together through this page. It is a way of getting to know me, why I became a Life Coach, and a way to build a trusting Client/Coach relationship. This week was about New Beginnings. We have all had our share of success and failures. I have definitely had my share of both. As I offer postings through out the week you may like to know that I follow my own suggestions. I actually do the different things I offer as questions and exercises. For instance this week I asked "What would you be willing to try if you knew you wouldn't fail." For me the answer to that is write a book! I am currently working on two. I also started small by committing to writing four days a week even if it is just a few sentences. Additionally I have found that the best way for me to handle most, if no all of my problems, is to walk away from them for a bit. This piece of advice is particularly effective when trying to learn new computer programs. Thank you for sharing your week with me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. My next post will be on Monday. Please share and invite others to join us!

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